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Directory of Administrative Staff, Directors of Coaching and Senior Trainers

Directors of Coaching

Anthony Doherty, Sr DOC

Kyle McLaughlin, DOC u9 & U10

Edwin Sam, Jr, DOC U13 – U15

Senior Trainers

Conner Clark – U 11 & U12

2023 FC Storm Preseason Camp Field Assignments and Times

Monday to Friday

Miami Riverview Park 5:00 to 6:15 PM

  1. B15 Loveland Orange
  2. B15 Loveland White
  3. B15 Loveland Black
  4. B15 Milford Orange
  5. B15 IH Orange

Miami Riverview Park 6:45 to 8:00 PM

  1. B14 Loveland Orange
  2. B14 Loveland White
  3. B14 Loveland Black
  4. B14 Loveland Blue
  5. B14 Milford Orange
  6. B14 IH Orange

Monday to Friday

Stottman Fields (Kiwanis Park) 5:00 to 6:15 PM

  1. G15 Loveland Orange
  2. G15 Loveland White
  3. G15 Loveland Black
  4. G15 Milford Orange
  5. G15 IH Orange

Stottman Fields (Kiwanis Park) 6:45 to 8:00 PM

  1. G14 Loveland Orange
  2. G14 Loveland White
  3. G14 Loveland Black
  4. G14 Milford Orange/IH White
  5. G14 IH Orange

Monday to Friday

McCoy Park 5:00 to 6:15 PM

  1. B12 Orange
  2. B12 White
  3. B13 Premier

McCoy Park 6:45 to 8:00 PM

  1. G13 Orange
  2. G13 White
  3. B13 Orange
  4. B09 Orange – Trapped 8th Grade

Monday to Friday

Phillips Park 5:00 to 6:15 PM

  1. B11 Premier
  2. B12 Premier
  3. G10 Orange
  4. G11 Premier
  5. B11 White
  6. B11 Orange
  7. G12 Orange
  8. B13 Premier

Monday to Friday

Phillips Park 6:45 to 8:00 PM

  1. B10 Orange
  2. B10 Premier
  3. B13 White
  4. B14 Black
  5. B13 Blue
  6. B13 Orange
  7. G10 Premier
  8. G12 Premier
  9. B12 Black

Park Addresses

Phillips Park – 11667 Rich Rd, Loveland 45140

McCoy Park – 471 Oak Street, Loveland 45140

Riverview Park – 587 Branch Hill Loveland Rd, Loveland 45140

Stottman Park – 240 Wall Streeet, Loveland 45140 (in Kiwanis Park)

Calendar Overview

Important Dates July 1 Through October 31

Date Activity
By June 8 Welcome letter sent to parents
June & July

In- Person Team Meetings

Optional Pick-up games.

Early July Practice Schedule completed and loaded into Team Snap
End of July to early August League Scheduling done by coaches. Completed by about August 15 and game schedules loaded into Team Snap.
July 31 (Monday) Fall practices can start
August 7 to 11 (Mon – Fri) Preseason Camp for all teams – Monday through Friday evenings
End of August or Early September League games begin
October 23 – 27 Last week of practices
October 28-29 Last weekend formost  league games (a few teams might have games the following weekend)
End of October Spring high school teams rostered; teams may hold supplemental tryouts

Perspective on League Placement

Our goal is to place teams in divisions where they will be challenged and grow. Ideally, teams should win a little more than half of their games and lose or tie the other half.  

Why? Playing both stronger and weaker teams contributes to player and team development.  Stronger teams force teams to play faster and be able to handle more pressure. Playing weaker teams builds confidence and enables a team to work on skills they have been practicing in training.

Through tryouts we have a good idea about the competitive level of each team in an age group. We also have a good idea how competitive teams are from other clubs based on past history. Let me use the 2015 boys for example. There are 8 divisions in the league.  We have 5 teams.  We didn’t think we’d be competitive in the top division.  We placed our most competitive team in the 2nd Division and the rest of the teams in subsequent divisions according to our assessment of their competitiveness.

Since leagues are only for one season, we have a chance to adjust placement going into spring if needed.  At the end of the spring we make similar adjustments for the fall season. Typically, teams that finish towards the top of their divisions can be moved to a more competitive division the following season.

Perpective on Club Tournaments

We pick tournaments that enhance the fall and playing seasons.  Like Goldilocks we want ones that just right for our teams; not too hard and not too easy.  It should challenge but offer an opportunity for success. After over 14 seasons with hundreds of tournament entries we have a good idea about the best tournaments in the Cincinnati to Columbus region.

Things we consider when picking the club tournaments that we assign teams to include:

  • Competitiveness
  • How well it’s organized
  • Does it do a good job placing teams in the right brackets to create a fair level of competition
  • Parking; some venues are better for parking than others
  • How far away is it

With the abundance of local tournaments, the Club doesn’t recommend in general that our younger teams (U9 and U10) travel to tournaments that require an overnight stay.

Practice Tips

A few practical tips as we near the start of fall practices drawing on the feedback from our coaching staff:

Use Team Snap availability to keep your coach informed of the times your player will not be at practice.  Knowing how many players will be at practice makes a difference.  Some things work with 10 kids but don’t as well with only 7 or 8.  If something comes up last minute, text or call the coach.

Send LOTS of water to practice.  A a lot of players come to practice with a small water bottle.  If it’s a hot, humid night, they run out of water.  And, it’s not unusual for water to being spilled.   Our advic; invest in a large bottle to send to practice.

Tie shoe laces –  Most nylon laces on soccer shoes come untied unless double or even triple knotted.  Help your coach and make sure laces are tied before practice begins.

Use the bathroom at home before practice.  There seems to be an epidemic of needing to go to the bathroom at the soccer field.  Once one player goes, it everyone has to go and it can easily disrupt practice.

Put air in the soccer ball.  If a player brings an under inflated ball, it’s not very useful during practice.  Players need to practice with a ball that is properly inflated.  The touch and feel is different if it’s inflated vs. underinflated.

Put your name and phone number on anything you bring to practice. The Club has a growing collection of water bottles, soccer balls and even clothing that have been left at fields and don’t have a name or phone number.  We’d rather not add to our lost and found collection.

Practical Tips on Games

Coming …..

Helpful Game Rules

Basic rules (laws) of soccer – CLICK HERE

Misunderstood soccer rules – from the Ohio Soccer Association referee course – CLICK HERE

Small Sided Rules for 7v7 and 9v9 games – there are special rules for small sided games.  7v7 soccer includes build-out lines that are explained.  CLICK HERE

Heading rules and ages it is allowed; heading is not allowed at U9, U10, U11 – CLICK HERE

Player numbering system – soccer has a standardized system to number the 11 positions – CLICK HERE

 League Information

Currently, our teams play in one of two leagues, Cardinal Premier League(CPL) based out of Cincinnati and the Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League (‘Buckeye’) based out of Columbus. The league registration fees are part of the the annual Club Fee.

Cardinal Premier League

The Cardinal Premier League offers division for teams from U9 through U15.  Most of the clubs in the greater Cincinnati are place their younger teams in the league.  The U9 and U10 Divisions often have from 6 to 8 brackets of 8 or more teams.

Website Link


The Buckeye League begins at U 11 and offers divisions through high school (U19) in the spring.  Historically, it has been considered a more competitive league for older teams.  Buckeye has teams from Northen Kentucky tothe  northern part of Columbus.

Website link

Game Related Information

Age Group Game Size Length of Half Ball Size
U9 & U10 7 v 7 25 minutes 4
U 11 & U12 9 v 9 30 minutes 4
U13 & U14 11 v 11 35  minutes 5
U15 & U16 11 v 11 40 minutes 5
U17 to U19 11 v 11 45 minutes 5

Fall 2023 Game Fields

7 v 7 Fields for U9 & U10

Lever Park (Loveland)

McCoy Park Field 2 (Loveland)

Boike Park (Loveland)

VFW (Loveland)

tbd (Indian Hill Teams Only)

Miami Meadows tbd (Milford)

9 v 9 Fields For U11 & U12

Phillips Park Field D

Maimi River Park Field 3 (Loveland)

McCoy Park Field 1 (Loveland)

Miami Meadows (Milford)

Indian Hill xxx (Indian Hill Teams Only)

11 v 11 Fields for U13, U14 and U15

Loveland High School Turf Field (Sundays Only)**

Phillips Park Field B (U13)

Phillips Park Field A (U14 and U15)

Miami Meadows tbd

** All Sunday games will be scheduled at the Loveland High School as a first priority

Severe Weather Policy

Upon hearing thunder or seeing lighning, the fields are to be cleared immediately. NO exceptions!

A lightening detector is located at Phillips Park. One long blast indicates lightning has been detected in the area. It is possible lightning will be seen before the detector goes off. Upon hearing a lightning detection siren (long blast), fields are to be cleared immediately. The lightning detector will give 3 long blasts to indicate all clear.

Regardless of how far you estimate thunder or lightning to be from the field area, coaches and trainers are to clear all team personnel from the field area and ensure they are under a shelter or in a vehicle for safety. There must be 30 minutes without thunder or lightning before players/parents/coaches may return to the fields. There are no exceptions; the safety of our club members is the top priority for FC Storm.

FC Storm requires referees to wait 30 minutes after hearing thunder, seeing lightning or after a lightning detector goes off before making a decision to resume play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there snacks at halftime or after the game?

Teams do not have half time or end of the game snacks

What should I do if my player can't be at practice

Note your availability in Team Snap. We recommend you also text or email your coach.  Knowing how many players will be at practice is helpful to the coach as they design the practice plans.

Does my player need to attend all practices

Yes, we believe it’s important for our players to attend practice unless they are sick or have a family obligation.  Be sure to let your coach know if your player won’t be a practice.

How early do I need to arrive for practice?

Most coaches ask players to be at the field 20 – 30 minutes ahead of time.

Can I Play Other Sports

Yes, FC Storm has no rules against playing multiple sports.  The Club supports all of the studies that show the benefits of participating in multiple sports.  Many of our players play basketball, baseball and softball, lacrosse, swim and run cross country and track and participate in gymnastics. 

It’s very important that you let your coach know that you are playing a another sport.  Early communiation and flexibility are critical to making this work.  Coaches will do their best to be flexible, but our teams have a number of soccer only players so coaches can’t build schedules to meet the needs of all multi-sport athelets.  

Soccer is a year round sport and we expect players who commit to an FC Storm team can play both seasons.  It does create a challenge if you have committed to two seasons and then decide that soccer will be the ‘second’ sport one of those seasons in favor of another sport.  We create small rosters so that players get a lot of playing time in games.  Coaches count on players being available for games.  And, if a number of players are missing from practice on a regular basis it does impact the team’s training.  

If a player misses a lot of practices to participate in another sport, it’s likely that their skill development or understanding of the game could be impacted versus the other players on the team.  It’s another reason to keep in touch with your coach.  

Many of our families manage this well and their child(ren) have a great experience with soccer and the other sport they play.  But, we have instances where lack of early and often communication, poor attendance at practice and games, or coaches being surprised that a player just isn’t going to focus on soccer one season without any notice have resulted in a poor experience for the player and family, and the team.  

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