FC Storm Select Soccer

U9 to U19 Boys and Girls

U9 to U10 (7v7) – Campus Select

U9 and U10 Teams are formed from the pool of players who tryout in our three campus sites. Teams are formed from those campus pool of players. At each campus, players are grouped by overall skill to form teams.  The goal is to form teams in a way that minimizes the difference in skill level among that group of players. Each campus will have Orange, White, Black, etc level teams depending on the total pool of players. FC Storm Campus Select teams typically play in the Cardinal Premier League that includes select clubs in the greater Cincinnati area.

U11 and U12 (9v9) – Club Select Teams

Beginning at U11, teams are formed from the pool of all players of a given gender and birthyear across the whole club.  During tryouts players are grouped by similar skill levels to create Club Select teams.  A color designation is used to indicate relative skill levels; Orange, White, Black, Blue, etc.  All teams have access to similar quality coaching and training regardless of the team’s skill level.  Many clubs assign their top trainers to top teams.  FC Storm does not do that.  Select teams are assigned a practice location that often takes into consideration the geographical make-up of the roster. 

Players have the opportunity to tryout for the most competitive teams at the Premier level beginning at U11.  See more about Premier by clicking here.

The U11 and U12 teams play in either the Cincinnati based Cardinal Premier League or the regional (Cincinnati to Columbus) Buckeye Premier Youth League.

U13 to U15 (11v11) – Club Select Teams

Players are grouped by skill to form the club-wide Orange, White, Black, Blue, etc teams. Once formed teams are assigned to one of the three campuses for training taking into account the geographical makeup of the team.  U11 to U14 teams play in the Cardinal Premier League and the Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League.

Trapped 8th Grade (U15)

U15 players end up in one of two categories; freshman in high school or 8th graders.  In many clubs there are no options for the 8th grader U15 player to play fall soccer.  FC Storm offers a fall-only select soccer teams for U15 players in 8th grade.  It is open to players from any club who do not have a home club team to play on.  In the spring the players return to the U15 club team.  The FC Storm Director of Coaching for U13 to U15 oversees the program. Teams participate in the Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League.

New to FC Storm?

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  2. Feel free to reach out to the club for more information or to have a representative of the club contact you. You may contact us here.
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// Our Seasons  //

FC Storm is a year-round competitive soccer program.  Teams are formed in late May through an open tryout process that all prospective players, including current Storm players, attend.  All of our teams follow the same basic schedule during the fall and spring season. 

Late May
Tryouts – all interested players are required to attend 1 to 2 nights of tryouts. Tryouts are run by our professional coaching staff.

June and July
No formal training. Teams often hold pick-up games either as a team or as part of an age group.

August through October
Fall training begins the first week of August.  All teams participate in a Pre-Season training camp the first or second week of practice.  The Camp runs Monday through Friday in the evening.  FC Storm has three training campuses; Indian Hill, Loveland and Milford.

League play runs from the end of August until the end of October. FC Storm teams typically play in either the Greater Cincinnati Soccer League or the Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League.

Most teams participate in 2 or 3 tournaments in the fall. Some teams choose to travel to an out of town tournament where they will spend the weekend.

November and December
FC Storm High School teams begin to practice after the high school season ends.  They particpate in a fall tournament.  Practices end early December.  FCS Premier teams continue to practice until early December.  The rest of the Club teams have nothing formal scheduled.  Some opt to join indoor leagues.  Many of our players play in winter basketball leagues. 

January and February
All teams participate in Club organized winter training in January and February.  Our teams train with either a professional trainer or more senior and experienced coaches.  Younger teams practice indoors and older teams practice on outdoor turf fields.

March to May
Coach led practices begin in early March using a combination of indoor fields and outdoor fields.  All teams move to outdoor fields by the end of March.  

League play runs from early April until mid-May.  

Most teams will participate in two spring tournaments

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