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What is select soccer?

Select soccer requires players to attend an open tryout session and be selected to play on a team. The teams play year-round; the season begins in the fall and ends in the spring. Training is more focused on player development (ball skills) at the younger ages and team development (game tactics) at the older ages.

Who is FC Storm?

FC Storm is the competitive soccer program run by LYSA. FC Storm is built on the simple principle of providing a training atmosphere that values the development of all players regardless of whether they are on our top or development teams. Our licensed coaches and trainers foster a positive learning and playing environment that is rigorous, competitive and fun.

We believe competitive soccer should not be complicated, and parents are encouraged to get to know the coach.

FC Storm teams play in local, regional and state leagues; numerous players advance to State and Regional ODP teams. 

Teams, except high school age, play in both fall and spring leagues. High school age teams play only in the spring. 

Do I need to register for tryouts?

Yes. Click here to register. You will need to create an account if you don’t already have one.

Does it cost anything to tryout?

No, there is no fee to register.

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What ages are the teams?

FC Storm teams are based on birth year. Currently we have plans for the follow age group teams for the Fall 2021/Spring 2022 playing year.

Boys 2014
Boys 2013
Boys 2012
Boys 2011
Boys 2010
Boys 2009
Boys 2008
Boys 2007 (spring only)
Boys 2006 (spring only)
Boys 2005 (spring only)
Boys 2004 (spring only)

Girls 2014
Girls 2013
Girls 2012
Girls 2011
Girls 2010
Girls 2009
Girls 2008
Girls 2007 (spring only)
Girls 2005/06 (mixed age, spring only)

Where are tryouts?

All tryouts are held at Phillips Park and Miami Riverview Park.
Please arrive 30 minutes before your tryout session to check in

When are tryouts?

Please check the home page or the tryouts page on our website for the most up-to-date times and locations.

What should a player bring to tryouts?

All players need to bring an inflated soccer ball (with your name on it) and plenty of water; wear shin guards and soccer cleats.

What should my child wear?

All players should wear soccer cleats and shin guards. If you have previously played select soccer at any club, please do not wear any spirit wear or training apparel from that club.

Please wear dark shorts and a light or grey t-shirt.

When should I arrive?

Check-in will begin 30 minutes prior to the start of the tryout time for your age group.  All players will be issued a number that parents will pin to the back of their shirt.

Where do I check-in?

Check-in will be adjacent to the parking lot.  There will be check-in tables under pop up tents.

Can I watch my child tryout?

No.  We have found that spectators can be a distraction to players and coaches during the tryout.

What do they do during tryouts?

Players are placed into birth year age groups and typically run through a series of individual and group ball skills drills and small sided games led by our coaching staff.  This gives our coaches ample opportunities to see your child’s skills and evaluate if they are a good fit to play competitive soccer.  The tryout format is similar to a normal practice session.

Is my child supposed to attend all tryout dates?

Yes, we highly recommend the players attend all of the tryouts so that the coaches can get a good observation of your child.   If you cannot attend both, please make sure the volunteers at check in know which sessions you will be attending.

When will I know if my child has made a team?

We will let contact players within 48 hours of the last tryout date and time for that specific age group.  Players are contacted via the email address given at the time of registration.

Are returning players guaranteed a spot with the club?

No, it is an open tryout process.

Can I check out the club before tryouts?

Yes. Parents and players are welcome to watch games or attend a training session. If you would like to attend a training session, please contact the club at [email protected] to arrange this.

What if I cannot attend any tryout session?

If you are going on vacation reach out and contact us and we will work with you to find a way to make an evaluation. Contact us a [email protected]

Am I allowed to tryout with other clubs?

Yes, we encourage players to look at other clubs so that can make sure they make the choice that is best for them and their family.

How long do I have to decide to accept a position on a team?

We want you to have enough time to talk as a family and consider other options is appropriate. We ask that you let us know within 48 hours; if you need more time, please contact the coach of the team that has offered you a position (you will have that information when offered a roster position). Recognize that we have a waiting list and if you cannot make a decision we may have to move on to the next person on the list and you will lose your spot.

How do I reserve a place on the team?

The offer is accepted by positive response to the email and paying the annual club fee.


Can players play up an age group?

Generally, no. Players develop best with their age group.  In the rare event where a player has exceptional abilities and the player is in the top of the play up age group in terms of overall soccer skills and abilities; he or she might be offered a roster place with an older age. Our older teams may be composed of players from multiple birthyears provided their skills and abilities enable them to play with older players.

Do you have A and B teams?

Yes. We have found that all of our players develop better when grouped with players of similar abilities. And, teams develop best when the gap in skill levels among players is small. All kids develop at different rates and a ‘B’ team player at a younger age can become the best player in the club at an older age. We have seen this pattern occur in our club. Sometimes a player needs to develop ball skills and other times they need to mature physically and/or mentally, or it might just be a case of growing in confidence to use the abilities they have. Each year tryouts will be used to ensure players are on the team that is best for their growth; that can mean player movement between the teams.

Can I request a specific coach?

No, all team placement decisions are made by the club.

What is the cost to play for FC Storm?

The approximate yearly cost is about $800. That includes the annual club fee, fall and spring team fees (referees, tournaments and trainers) and winter training. It does not include the required uniform kit.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes, they are determined on a case-by-case basis and depend on need. Please complete the application here to be considered.

Do I have to buy a uniform?

Yes, players purchase a specially designed uniform kit made by Under Armour through an arrangement with Soccer Village. The cost is about $175. The uniform can be worn for multiple seasons.

Can my son/daughter play another sport at the same time?

Yes. We believe there is having multi-sport playing experiences throughout the year. It can help children become more well-rounded athletes. You will need to work with your child’s coach on the specifics of playing on both a Storm team and another sports program. Early communication with the coach and advanced planning is critical. We use a team app (Team Snap) that allows parents to indicate their availability for all team events.

It is important to realize that we have full time players who are at every practice and game. When a player misses significant practice or playing time, it can be difficult to continue to be competitive with their peers., which can impact their ability to make future teams.

Please also recognize that teams do need to field rosters with sufficient number of players who can play both fall and spring.

Where do FC Storm teams practice?

Our teams use local soccer fields in the Loveland and Milford areas. Since FC Storm is under the umbrella of the Loveland Youth Soccer Association, the FC Storm teams have access to the same fields that the recreational teams use.  Your team’s coach will work with our field scheduler who assigns practice days, times and locations.

Where are games played?

Games could be anywhere in the I275 loop. Home games are played at Phillips Park or Miami Meadows Park in Milford. Teams playing at higher levels play in the Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus areas and beyond, so away games could be in any of these locations.

Do teams play year-round?


Can I tryout for only one season

No. There are some cases where players are only able to play one season due to their participation in another sport.  The final decision on this is left with the team head coach.

When does fall practice begin?

Fall practice begins the first week of August with an all-club training camp.

What does a typical season look like?

Tryouts in late spring (end of May/early June)

Team – Parent Meetings in June

June – July – informal pick-up games or workouts

August and October – fall practice and league games

November and December – no officially sanctioned team activities

January and February – most teams do indoor training once a week or play in an indoor league

March to May – spring practice and league games

Do teams play in tournaments?

Yes. Teams generally play in 2 to 3 tournaments in the fall and 2 in the spring. Tournaments are selected by the coach. There is an abundance of good tournaments in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas. Teams may also choose to attend a travel tournament in a location which requires an overnight stay. The cost of the tournaments in built into the team fees.

Who can I contact if I have other questions?

If you need additional information, contact either Bruce Jones, FC Storm President, at [email protected] or Jennifer Paumier, Club Admin, at [email protected]

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