FALL ’24 – SPRING ’25



BOYS 2010

Fall 2024

Boys born in 2010 are either in:

    • 9th grade – where most will tryout for their high school soccer team
    • 8th grade (commonly referred to as ‘trapped 8th graders’ have a FC Storm Club opportunity

FC Storm will have a Trapped 8th Grade Team for all 2010 players who are in 8th grade.  It will be a FALL ONLY team.  The team will play in the Buckeye League and be coached by Ross Atkinson who currently coaches the 2010 Premier team.  The fall will be designed to challenge all of the players to improve their technical skills and ensure they are fully ready to play alongside the 2010 players who played on high school teams in the fall.

The team will have two formal practices a week with an optional third practice that all players are encouraged to attend.

The team will play 8-9 league games and participate in 2 tournaments.  The team is expected to play ‘friendly’ games with several local high schools that have FVB or Freshman soccer teams.

Note:  There will only be 16-20 trapped 8th grade teams in the Cincinnati to Columbus area.  Many soccer clubs do not have the ability to support trapped 8th graders with a separate team.

Spring 2025


The 2010 players will return to their regular spring teams.  The Club will have a Premier and Orange team. 

BOYS 2009 to 2007

Fall 2024 – FC Strom does not have a fall program for boys born in 2009 through 2007.  The majority of our players at this age play on high school teams.

Spring 2025 – Players will join their regular teams in Spring 2025 which include:

2010 Premier
2010 Orange

2009 Orange
2008 Orange
2007 Orange

GIRLS 2010 TO 2007

Fall 2024

FC Storm will have a Club High School team in Fall 2024 that will play matches against High School JV, JVB and other Clubs with a fall high school program.  This team is for players who do not play on a High School Varsity or JV or Freshman team.

The Club is working on the fall schedule.  It will not be completed until this summer; some high schools do not schedule “friendly” games like this until summer.  We anticipate playing from 8 to 12 matches in the fall.  The training will be run by one of the FC Storm professional coaches who has experience coaching and training high school age players.

If you have questions, please contact FC Storm Vice President, Jessica Buringrud at [email protected]

Note: At this point the club does not anticipate having enough 2010 players in 8th grade to have a Trapped 8th Grade for girls.

Spring 2025

All players will return to their normal spring teams for the spring 2025 season.  Players will tryout for these teams at the May 2024 tryout.  Teams include:

2010 Premier
2010 Orange

2009 Premier
2009 Orange

2008/09 Orange
20006/07 Orange

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