Soccer Bingo Challenge

Apr 2, 2020 | Training

Soccer Bingo Challenge

with Coach Anthony


I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe in these worrying times! To hopefully lift spirits and get players touching the ball I have created a fun Bingo Challenge. Each age group has different levels of difficulty (if you can’t complete the challenge just tick it off anyway after a good few attempts) depending on the player’s age/birth year. These bingo cards are attached below. Print them off and mark them off as they are completed. Along with the bingo card are instructions/targets for each challenge. I have also had a great volunteer called Bode Zappin (B10 Orange Storm team) to help me provide video instructions to help know what to do. If you can’t understand my voice I am sure you can figure it out watching. Again the google folder for these is attached below. Take a little video of each skill you do and then create a video with them all together at a faster speed. Attached is a video of me completing the challenge to set the standard(it is very low, my video making skills are not great). There is 4 prizes I am going to give out. 1 each for the most entertaining video from a:
  1. Storm Player
  2. Rec Player
  3. Coach
  4. Parent
Let’s all get involved, the prizes will be good! Once you have created a short video please post it on our Loveland Storm or LYSA Facebook group or email me and I will post it for you. Let me know if you have any questions and I can’t wait to see the videos! Coach Anthony

2012-2013 Bingo Card

2010-2011 Bingo Card

2008-2009 Bingo Card

2007 & Older Bingo Card

//  Video Instructions  //

1 v 1




Slalom Dribble


Ball Control

Figure 8’s


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