About FC Storm

Our Mission

To prepare our youth for tomorrow by helping players build life skills that contribute to their success throughout their lives, grow and develop in a high quality environment, have fun and give back to our community.

Our Vision

To be a player-centered, family-friendly and community-connected soccer club that executes with excellence and provides a fun, positive environment for players of all ages and skill levels.

 Club History

FC Storm was formed in 2016 to bring competitive soccer back to the extended Loveland community. It has grown into a multi-community club with training and playing campuses in Indian Hill, Milford and Loveland.

Today, FC Storm players come from communities throughout the greater Cincinnati area. From one team in 2016, FC Storm has grown to over 60 teams that include Academy, Select and Premier level competition.

Bringing Our Mission to Life with Our Core Values

We use the experiences of training and playing competitive soccer to help our youth develop skills, values and attitudes to be prepared for success throughout their lives.

Building Life Skills for Success

We want the experience of playing competitive soccer to help build skills that enable our players be better equipped for success throughout their lives.

We believe participation in FC Storm can help:

  • Build character
  • Develop responsibility and leadership
  • Promote self accountability
  • Teach the value of hard work, teamwork and perseverance
Growth and Development

At FC Storm, we are devoted to fostering and providing a high quality soccer environment in order to give all the players and coaches every opportunity to enjoy the game of soccer while achieving their maximum potential as participants in this sport.

  • We want each player develop to his/her fullest potential and achieve their vision and goals.
  • We utilize licensed coaches and professional trainers who are passionate teachers, thoughtful trainers and patient instructors to advance the soccer skills of our players.
  • We value individual ball skill development as a foundation for success, and use a training framework developed in collaboration with outside experts specifically for FC Storm.
Having Fun

Soccer should be fun for our players and their families.

It is our belief that soccer is best taught in an atmosphere of positive feedback and by celebrating success on and off the field.

Giving Back - Community Outreach

We believe it is a privilege to play soccer for FC Storm and want our players to see the importance of investing in our community. In fact, family and community are a critical foundation for success of players and clubs.

  • We believe in investing in the communities where we train and play.
  • We believe that soccer should not be just about ‘me’.
  • We want our players to recognize the needs of others in our community. Each team is expected to undertake a community service project each season as part of FC Storm’s investment in our communities.

Role of Youth Sports

Sports is an incredible opportunity for youth to develop life skills.

We believe: 

  • All players should have an opportunity to develop and grow
  • Sports (soccer) is a vehicle to teach lifelong skills, provide a fun experience and develop community.
  • Wins and losses and competition are best viewed in how children experience and learn life skills from them.
  • Adults/coaches are incredibly important in their capacity to teach important life skills through the experience of sports
  • Family and community are a critical foundation for the success of players and clubs
  • We cannot take youth sports too seriously, it is a game for youth, not adults
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