Introducing Our New Seniors’ Program

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April 20, 2024

Turnaments play an important role in the rythym of play of our teams.  Ideally, it is an opportunity to play teams outside the league.

We are deliberate about the tournaments we send teams to.  We pick ones that are well-run (and have good parking) with a good reputation of creating fair brackets of teams with similar skills.  Ideally, giving each team an opportunity to win.  Our goal is to put teams in divisions of the tournament where they will be competitive.  My view is that it’s better to win 2 and lose 1 than have 3 teams that are easy to beat.  Unfortunately, some teams or clubs see tournament as an easy chance to collect a trophy by applying to lower division than they should be in.  The result of pretty lobsided scores.  We’ve seen 20-1 and 12-0 scoresl out teams on the losing end.  Our teams didn’t have any fun playing retreive the ball from the goal and the other team certainly didn’t get anything useful out of the game.


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April 28, 2024

We are excited to announce the addition of our new Seniors’ Program with FC Storm!

The seniors’ program is built around the needs of high school age players who have completed their freshman year to players finishing their senior year (U15 to U19). Seniors is Directed by Anthony Doherty, Director of Player Development and Varsity Assistant Coach at Loveland High School. Anthony currently holds a USSF C License.

Seniors offers players an opportunity to continue to develop technical and tactical skills coupled with more rigorous game strategy training. Teams will participate in local elite tournaments early March, regional tournaments in April and State Cup in May. They will play at a top level in the Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League. Teams will begin to practice after the fall high school season and train indoors in January and February. Outdoor training will use fields in the Loveland community.

FC Storm is a player centered soccer club that believes competitive soccer is an opportunity for developing skills and values for success in all aspects of life. It works with families to create schedules that respect the hectic life parents lead.

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