Team Formations

How Teams Are Formed

New teams are formed each spring at the U9 playing age. Typically two new boys and two new girls teams. The teams are formed through an open tryout process open to any player meeting the age requirements.

Our U9 teams are formed by dividing the pool of selected players into teams of equal talent. We do not form “A” and “B” teams for this age. We treat the first two years of select soccer as a developmental period with a strong focus on acquiring foundational soccer skills.

At the U11 playing age, we form teams based on playing ability, creating an “A” and “B” team structure. Both teams are treated equally.

FC Storm teams will be formed each May for the following fall and spring seasons. Each year new boys and girls teams will be formed at the U9 age, our entry point into select soccer. The number of U9 teams will depend upon the size of the player pool and the availability of qualified coaches.

New teams will be formed through an open tryout process.  Existing teams will also go through a tryout process.  It is our desire that friends and teammates have an opportunity to play together over extended seasons on the same team.  But we also believe that annual tryouts contribute to a healthy and sustainable club environment by:

  1. Ensuring our players are serious, fully committed to their personal growth and supportive of team goals. We do not want players (or families) to take the privilege of playing for a Storm team for granted.
  2. Offering players (and families) who did not make a team or tryout the first season a team is formed an opportunity in subsequent years to compete for a place on that team.
  3. Providing coaches an opportunity to adjust their rosters in the event players are falling behind in their skill, attitude or knowledge relative to the rest of the team.

The Club, along with its coaches, will organize the overall tryout process.  Individual team tryouts are led by the Coaches from that team. Other Storm coaches are used to observe and evaluate the players to ensure an independent, impartial assessment. Final decisions are made by the Head and Assistant Coaches, and subject to the final approval of the club.

Our goal is to run tryouts in a way that minimizes player anxiety and allows them to demonstrate their skill, attitude, and knowledge in a positive environment that feels more like a regular practice.  We do our best to make sure no one is intimidated by the tryout process.

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