2nd Annual FC Storm 5k Fundraiser!

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April 20, 2024

Turnaments play an important role in the rythym of play of our teams.  Ideally, it is an opportunity to play teams outside the league.

We are deliberate about the tournaments we send teams to.  We pick ones that are well-run (and have good parking) with a good reputation of creating fair brackets of teams with similar skills.  Ideally, giving each team an opportunity to win.  Our goal is to put teams in divisions of the tournament where they will be competitive.  My view is that it’s better to win 2 and lose 1 than have 3 teams that are easy to beat.  Unfortunately, some teams or clubs see tournament as an easy chance to collect a trophy by applying to lower division than they should be in.  The result of pretty lobsided scores.  We’ve seen 20-1 and 12-0 scoresl out teams on the losing end.  Our teams didn’t have any fun playing retreive the ball from the goal and the other team certainly didn’t get anything useful out of the game.


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April 28, 2024

2nd Annual FC Storm 5k Fundraiser

We’re so excited to be back for our 2nd Annual 5k Walk/Run Fundraiser, and this year it does not have to be virtual!

Teams, families, grandparents and friends, please join us for this fun and friendly competition!

Registration will remain open until October 16th.

Prizes will be given to the top 2 teams with the most participation/money raised, to the top 3 boys and top 3 girls with the fastest time in their age group, to the 3 best DIY finish line photos, and much more!

All proceeds will benefit FC Storm, RP Diamond, and other local business.

Remember to share your photos with us on Social Media using hashtag #LovelandStorm5k, or submit them on our site here, for your chance to win some fun prizes!

In order to qualify for the fastest time, please enter your Storm player’s results on the 5k page of our website here: https://fcstorm.org/5k-run-walk-fundraiser/#results. You have until October 16th to complete the race and enter your time.

Get creative, challenge your family and teammates, and HAVE FUN!

Last Year’s Virtual 5k…

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