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We are thrilled to have you join our FC Storm family.  On this page you’ll find a number of resources and contacts to help you get ready for select soccer.  

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Player Eligibility

FC Storm will roster boys and girls select teams for the 2023/24 playing year for birthyears 2015 to 2005.

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Tryouts are held every Spring. Click “Learn More” to visit our Tryouts page for more information and to register.

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FC Storm Fee Structure

The total cost to play for FC Storm for the 2022-2023 season will be about $1,100.  It is comprised of two parts:

  • Club Fee – paid at once a year or via installments
  • Team Fee – paid to the team each season

CLUB FEES (2022-2023)

The annual Club Fee is $600 for FC Storm select teams and $1,000 for FCS Premier teams; it includes the following items: 

  • All club trainers, paid coaches and Director of Coaching
  • Fall preseason camp
  • League entry fees for all teams
  • US Soccer player yards and liability insurance
  • Field related costs and fees 
  • Equipment, including goals, nets and other training equipment
  • Winter training costs including high school field rental, trainers and indoor field rental
  • Indoor space for March training
  • Team and coaching support such as The Coaching Manual, an on-line platform for coaches,
  • Hudl video camera and analysis software.  
  • Team Snap and website expenses
  • Referee assignor 
  • USSF Coaches Licensing Courses and Coaches Continuing Education
  • Miscellaneous costs – tryout costs, advertising, club insurance, scholarships

TEAM FEES (2022-2023)

The Team fee is team specific based on, but not limited to the following: 

  • League referee Fees
  • Tournament fees
  • Non-club trainers hired by team 
  • Team equipment needs 

The Team Fee will average about $350 to 400 per player.  In previous years the Team Fee included the Fall Preseason Camp and Winter Training; those are now being built into the Club Fee.


The Club Fee for High School players who join a team after the high school soccer season is $400. It includes all of the costs noted above, but is prorated to account for teams beginning to play in late October.

The club fee includes all of the costs associated with running the soccer program except tournament entry fees and league referee fees prorated to account for teams beginning to play in late October after the high school soccer season.

In addition, the High School Fee covers entrance into a late fall or early high school soccer tournament. 


Players who do not have an FC Storm uniform kit will pay an additional $200 for their uniform. Club uniforms are changed about every two years. Our current design is a custom Under Armour uniform that includes two jerseys, shorts, socks and a practice jersey.

Coaches, particularly of new teams, may collect additional money for team equipment (game ball, pinnies, bench if the team does not have one, keeper gloves, etc.). This is typically done in the fall.


Scholarships are available if needed. Click here to learn more.


FC Storm teams practice and play home games at one of three campuses in Indian Hill, Loveland and Milford.  The Spring 2023 fields include:

Campus Practice Games
Indian Hill Livingston Livingston
Loveland Phillips Phillips, Boike, VFW, Miami Riverview
Milford Village Park Miami Meadows

Click Here to View Fields

Additional Info

Giving Back

We believe in investing in our community. We believe it is a privilege to play soccer for FC Storm, and that soccer should not be just about ‘me’.

Each team is expected to undertake a community service project each season as part of its investment in the community. Our Coaches and Team Admins work hard to make this a rewarding and fun experience for our players, and we couldn’t be more proud of their efforts.

Click here to learn more about how we’re giving back.

Financial Scholarship
We offer financial assistance to young soccer players who may not be able to participate in soccer due to a lack of financial resources.

Funds are given out once a season, and a new application is required each season with no limit to the number of seasons that you may apply.

Forms must be filled out entirely and must provide a clear picture of need and circumstances relative to the need, and the Head Coach must also submit a team budget that outlines the player’s fees to the Committee.

Assistance may be used to cover club and team fees. The maximum amount shall not exceed the full amount of one season’s budgeted player’s fees (club fees and team fees).

Financial assistance does not cover uniforms, other team or spirit wear or equipment or optional winter training for indoor soccer. Click Here to Apply

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